As an extraordinary athlete, Cindy “RODEO” Steedle has already experienced a super successful and nationally recognized career in physical fitness, including winning many national NPC Fitness Championships, appearing on magazines and multiple articles written about her where about, being an official brand ambassador, executive event producer and hosting on camera for several TV Shows.
Cindy “Rodeo” has also been a celebrity sponsored fitness model by many companies Gatorade, VPX Sports, NuviaTrim and Nutritional House, plus has held the position of Lead Personal Trainer at American IMG_0151Bodyworks in Atlanta & Fitness 19. With an in-depth knowledge on fitness and nutrition, Cindy “Rodeo” continues to be the sought-after personal trainer to many clients. Cindy “Rodeo” not only inspires and motivates, she also provides her clients a how-to approach on weight training as well as toning down and losing weight while living an everyday life.

Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle, wears many hats as an Executive Producer / Founder Image Rock Live Fashion and with her partner Jeff Beal CEO Producer of Taste Of Speed Luxury Lifestyle Jetport Experience. Our Team has a shared vision and mission – to give back and to bring awareness to the ones in need. The Taste of Speed™ events are a series of consumer, media and brand showcases that feature upscale, highend products and services in the luxury marketplace. A key objective of our lifestyle events are to provide opportunities for brand engagement between the affluent customer and the brands they love and admire.
• 2013 On-Demand Media Live Strong Fitness
• 2007 NPC Fitness National Champion
• 2006 NPC Fitness National Championship
• 2005 NPC Fitness National Championship
• 2004 NPC Fitness National Championship
• National Fitness Competitor (Arnold Classic)
• Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
• Nutritionist
• Inspirational & Motivational Speaker



Cindy “RODEO” Steedle 2007 NPC 1st Place Coastal Championship